Top TED Talks on HR & Recruitment

TED Talks 100% live up to their tag line; ‘ideas worth spreading’. There’s an absolute abundance of videos covering topics from technology to HR to sport to entrepreneurship.

Some of the best videos in the TED library are relevant to HR professionals and recruiters. So we’ve saved you time to pick out the top TED talks on HR & Recruitment.

Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume – Regina Hartley


In this powerful talk, Regina Hartley shares her experiences as both a leader in HR, and before that as a regular job seeker like the rest of us. Her key point, is for recruiters and HR to consider the stories behind somebody’s CV, and how sometimes the perfect hire doesn’t have the perfect CV.


Putting the human back into human resources – Mary Schaeffer

Is poor people management holding your employees back from reaching their full potential? In this talk, Mary Schaeffer describes her experiences of helping people progress, and how HR needs to start treating people ‘humanly’ rather than ‘humanely’.

Why work doesn’t happen at work – Jason Fried


In this talk, Jason challenges the typical 9-5 lifestyle that most of us have adopted. He proposes that management and HR should be increasingly focussed on output, productivity and flexibility as a means to build a happier workforce.


The power of introverts – Susan Cain

Having experienced the drawbacks of an introvert personality in the job application process, Susan argues that the modern open plan environment is designed for extroverts, and provides a challenging place to work for the opposite. On top of this, Susan discusses the frustrations with the job interview process as an introvert, and asks the question of management and HR, are you taking into consideration the value that an introvert could bring to your business?


The future of work – Heiko Fischer

Heiko shares his vision for a new kind of human resources; focussing the resources on helping employees prosper. In his perspective on the future of HR, he suggests that employees can be more productive and innovative than ever before.

So there we have it, the top TED talks on HR and recruitment. Have we missed a great talk out of this list? Tweet us your thoughts @Cute_Resource