The Stages of Job Hunting – Told Through Gifs

No matter what point you are in your career, we all remember the trials and tribulations of job hunting. The team here at Cute have been chatting about our experiences of job searching and so we’ve created the definitive list of the stages of job hunting. Have a read, enjoy the gifs, and tweet us @Cute_Resource your thoughts on this, Enjoy!

1. You realize it’s time for a career change, or maybe you just hate your job


2. Now it’s time to spend countless hours working on your CV that you haven’t looked at for ages


3. CV done. And now, the joy of spending evenings endlessly scrolling through online job boards


4. Despite writing yourself a great CV, lots of companies still want you to complete their own application form


5. Forms completed, CVs and covering letters written, now, we wait…


6. You start getting phone calls from lots of unknown numbers, are we ready for the phone interview?


7. You’re sure that phone interview did not go well, but by some magic, you’re invited to an interview. It’s time to suit up


8. The interview goes swimmingly, nailed it in fact


9. But alas! You’re not quite what they’re looking for, rejected….on to the next one!


10. Back to the hours of job board scrolling


11. Another interview comes, another interview nailed


12. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, you’ve done it, the offer it yours


13. Mission complete; you start your awesome new job, congratulations!


And there it is, the story of the stages of job hunting. Most of us have probably experienced some of these job hunting difficulties in the past but it doesn’t have to be this way in the future! You’re probably likely to encounter lots of these challenges if you go it alone, but part of our service here at Cute is to make the new job process as pain-free and easy as possible. Work with us, where we’ll help you fully understand the company and the job; prepare for interviews; avoid the difficulties and get a job you truly love. Click here to access our job board and start your search today!

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