Kate Groves - Recruitment Manager

A little bit about Kate

Kate has a creative background and has always been drawn towards the Marketing, Creative and Digital markets, so having followed the Cute personal development programme, she was a natural choice to head up this expanding division. She has worked with Cute for 4 years and was promoted to the Cute Senior Management Team in 2014. Kate has since gone on to be appointed as the Recruitment Manager.

Find out more about Kate from the brief interview below…

What do you enjoy the most about being a recruiter for Cute?

I love the satisfaction of doing a good job. From being proactive in my search, providing a client with insight into the market, and giving advice as to what kind of candidate I believe would fit into their business. At the end of the day, you are making money by helping someone to secure their ideal job, and also helping the client find the right person for their vacancy which is a win for every one involved.

Whats been your biggest success to date? 

Working with a large utility company in London to recruit a brand new senior Marketing team. We successfully placed 5  crucial members into the team all with salaries of £40-75k. This was a successful headhunting piece where we travelled to London to manage the full end-to-end process, including conducting interviews for all of the roles. 

How would you describe the working environment? 

The working environment is dynamic; it’s fast-paced and you are always busy doing something! But it’s also great, we aren’t micro managed and we are treated as adults, which means you need to be self-motivated to be successful. We can come to work in our jeans, chat about our weekends and social lives but know that we need to crack on at the same time, it’s brilliant.

Whats one skill/trait you bring to your role as a recruiter? 

Reliability – I do what I say I’m going to do, which is feedback I have always received from clients and candidates alike. Unfortunately recruitment can often carry a bad name for itself, so it’s important to me that I can be a reliable and trustworthy contact for clients and candidates as well as my team.

Name one skill you’ve learned during your time Cute and how does help you as a recruiter?

Confidence – I always thought I was confident, but actually, my confidence has increased ten-fold as I have realised I’m good at what I do and other people see me as someone they want to work with.

With so many recruitment agencies out there, what was it about Cute that stood out from the crowd? 

I loved the fact Cute isn’t a corporate environment. It’s important to me that I have a good work life balance, and that I can work really hard somewhere, but I can also have a life outside of work! The team is amazing, and we have a great social life outside of the office too. We have a great approach to the way we conduct ourselves in the market place which is also the way I believe I conduct myself; so it’s great to work for a reputable company with really great clients and as a result, lots of repeat business.

Kate specialises in the following: Marketing, Creative and Digital roles at all levels, agency and in-house; HR, Office and Administration roles; Search and Selection; Key Client Management; Cute Resource Marketing & Communications strategy

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