Hannah Sharps - Recruitment Consultant

A little bit about Hannah

Hannah joined Cute Resource as a Trainee Consultant and has benefited from the thorough and intensive Cute induction and Training programme. She has been mentored by a Senior Consultant and achieved outstanding results in all milestone and KPI targets. Having graduated from the scheme in 2015, she now works closely with her mentor, and thrives within the Marketing, Creative and Digital markets, having a great enthusiasm and interest in those markets. Find out more about Hannah in the brief interview below.

What do you enjoy the most about being a recruiter for Cute?

I enjoy the flexibility of being able to work on a variety of roles and with various clients who I am able to build relationships and rapport with. Marketing, Creative & Digital are all diverse markets, which means no recruitment challenge is exactly the same; each different client gives me the opportunity to learn more about the various industries. 

Whats been your biggest success to date? 

My biggest success to date would be making 12 permanent appointments in my first 6 months of working at Cute, with over half of them being crucial, senior appointments. It’s been great this early in my recruitment career to work with some great clients to help them find the perfect new hires for their team. 

How would you describe the working environment? 

The working environment here at Cute is friendly as well as competitive – we all get on well but there is a competitive side to all of us which makes the job exciting. We’re all hard workers who are passionate about recruitment; it’s great to work in a team with so much ambition and success. 

Whats one skill/trait you bring to your role as a recruiter? 

One skill I bring to my role as a Recruitment Consultant is my organisational skills. I manage my time well so that I can prioritise my day to be as productive as possible. As a result of being an organised individual, I always have time to have conversations with all my clients and candidates to make sure everyone’s happy. I take the time to write plans and lists to project where I can be most successful and how I can be of best use to clients and candidates alike. 

Name one skill you’ve learned during your time Cute and how does help you as a recruiter?

One skill I’ve learnt whilst being at Cute is being able to listen to and understand both the clients and the candidates’ needs. Without good listening skills I would not make a good Recruitment Consultant; it is important to understand the criteria the client has and to understand what the ideal career path for the candidate really is; whether it’s to do with the company culture, the salary & benefits or the ideal location. Good listening skills are absolutely crucial to delivering successful recruitment processes. 

With so many recruitment agencies out there, what was it about Cute that stood out from the crowd? 

Cute is more unique that many of the typical ‘high street’ agencies; we do everything with integrity and professionalism. The Recruitment Consultants at Cute are determined to build and maintain long-term relationships with both clients and candidates.

Hannah specialises in the following: Marketing, Creative and Digital roles at all levels, agency and in-house; Candidate qualification.

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