Ed Garrett - Creative / Digital Marketing Consulant

A little bit about Ed

Ed was one of the first consultants to ever join Cute having previously worked with Lydia at the Resource Solutions Group. In 2013 he left the business to pursue a number of creative projects but we’re pleased to say he has recently rejoined us as a Creative / Digital Marketing Consultant.

What do you enjoy the most about working for Cute?

Technically I’m not a recruiter anymore, but after so many years in the industry I love the fact that Cute and the team will always put the candidates and clients best interests above the businesses. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not a charity in that sense, but Cute has the attitude that if we look after our candidates and our clients then the numbers will look after themselves.

Whats been your biggest success to date? 

My biggest career success by far is establishing an internationally recognised Record Label, and more recently my own Design Consultancy. Apart from that traveling the world and my accomplishments as a musician are right up there.

In regards to Cute I’ve brought on a number of key accounts over the years, many of which we are still working with today.

How would you describe the working environment? 

Passionate, professional and dedicated.

Whats one skill/trait you bring to your role? 

Creative vision. I don’t think that’s something that can necessarily be taught either, you can learn a variety of skills as designer but I think creativity and imagination is something that comes more naturally. 

Name one skill you’ve learned during your time with Cute and how does help you?

Lydia has been a mentor to me for almost as long as I can remember, she’s very pragmatic and delivery focused. Now having moved into more of a marketing function it helps me keep our end goals at the forefront of what I’ve doing.

With so many recruitment agencies out there, what was it about Cute that stood out from the crowd? 

The fact that we’re independent and people focused. Too many agencies just focus on the numbers and it means that they’re far too eager to manipulate situations to suit their own agenda. You don’t get that from Cute so it’s fantastic for people that are looking for honest recruitment partners.

Ed specialises in the following: Creative Design and Digital Marketing.


Ed Garrett

Creative / Digital Marketing Consulant

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