Why Facebook can ruin your career

Yes, it’s a dramatic headline but it’s a fact that increasingly employers and recruiters are checking you out on-line before they even speak to you.

Illegal? No. Unethical? Possibly. But in a world where a quick google search can reveal everything about you, from your address to what you had for supper last night, increasingly your social media profile is contributing to building an employers’ perception of you before you meet – or indeed building a picture of a person they don’t even want to meet.

You may have spent hours writing a comprehensive and glowing CV. Months of getting your Linked In profile up to scratch, networking with like-minded professionals, presenting yourself as a knowledgeable, sharp business person. All that could be dismissed in minutes once the Hirer puts your name into Facebook and sees that video of you on the stag do in Magaluf.

Equally Twitter is a great medium to share your immediate thoughts and feelings – but think carefully about those thoughts if you choose to have an open profile. Twitter rants are the province of Katie Hopkins, Piers Morgan et al but as part of their carefully constructed media profiles – a late night discourse on the downsides of your ex-boyfriend doesn’t contribute to a positive profile.

Your social media activity can offer the snooper – in this case a potential employer, but equally could be a potential love interest – a free and in-depth snapshot personality profile of you. Your likes, dislikes, state of mind, relationship status, where you live, what you do in your spare time – from this they can mentally accept or reject you.
In the world of social media interpretation and perception is everything. So be consistent, comfortable with and aware of the image you are projecting OR set your privacy settings on very, very high.

Remember, Big Brother is googling you…..