Improve your candidate experience, or miss out on the best!

How to capture the best talent by improving your candidate experience…

It’s no secret that today’s market is candidate driven. Despite this, most of us have been a victim of poorly managed and long winded recruitment processes; it may have even been the reason we didn’t take a job. But in an age where the competition for quality candidates is so intense, why do some business still engage in such poor recruitment processes? A great candidate experience can be the difference between an interested applicant, and someone who’s truly passionate for the business. Here’s what you can do to improve yours.



Why Improve Your Candidate Experience?

In a world where candidates have all the power, businesses need to have something to differentiate themselves; a great candidate experience. It’s an ideal that most businesses portray as the case with their recruitment processes, but in reality, one where few actually deliver. But if you know somebody isn’t going to get the job anyway, what’s the point in providing a great candidate experience? It’s all about creating positive employer branding. Simply put, it’s your reputation as an employer. The degree to which this is positive or negative has a huge impact on your ability to attract top talent.

We’re in a time where you can head online and instantly learn about the flaws and failures of companies as employers. A dissatisfied candidate is much more likely to share their thoughts on your recruitment process than the happy one who landed the job. These negative reviews could be the difference between landing a good candidate and an excellent candidate. By not having a well-managed process with a great communication system in place, you’re putting your business at risk of these negative reviews putting off potential applicants for future roles.


What causes bad candidate experience?

In a 2015 survey about candidate experience, job seekers identified the following issues with recruitment processes.



What this demonstrates, is that things that may seem minimal in the context of recruitment, actually can have a huge impact on a candidates perception of the business.

Speed and Timing

Move too fast, you aren’t being thorough enough. Move too slow, and that perfect candidate has been snapped up elsewhere. The challenge for recruiters and HR teams is a tough one. But cancelling interviews, changing the job requirements and failing to communicate openly with candidates is more detrimental than any speed issue. HR teams and recruiters should treat recruitment processes as an extension of the business; a tangible representation of ‘how we operate’. With this in mind, you may find yourselves reconsidering some of the aspects of the recruitment process, and the degree of value they actually provide the business in assessing a candidate. Focussing on proper candidate engagement and satisfaction, rather than simply following long-winded processes, is one way you can improve your candidate experience.


Consider this…

What is somebody doing when they’re looking for a job? They’re shopping round, right? So why should candidates be treated any differently to your customers. Just like somebody’s going to buy your product or service, someone looking to work for your company analyses their end-to-end experience before making a decision.

Companies should understand candidate experience like they appreciate customer experience. Job seekers, like customers, seek as much information possible and want to be treated like people, not candidates in a pipeline. But too often, applicants are treated poorly and treated as nothing more than a CV. This processual attitude to recruitment, failing to appreciate the human element, is what more than anything else is creating negative candidate experiences.



What can businesses do to fix their candidate experience? 

It’s simple; communicate.



The message here is clear; improve your candidate experience, or miss out on the best.

Being recruiters, we’ve seen some of the best recruitment processes, and some of less great. This experience enables us to help our great clients deliver an excellent candidate experience; regardless of an applicants success/failure in the process. It’s our passion, not a process, to deliver an excellent candidate experience.

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