The Cute Way – How We Do Recruitment Differently

The Challenge

Staffing and recruitment is the single largest, and most universal business challenge. Bringing in someone new to your business always has some element of risk and when you decide to bring in some help to combat this challenge, you want to know that someone is going to share your business passions to ensure they deliver the most suitable person possible to the roles you need to fill. With the UK unemployment rate at it’s lowest for 10 years, there’s certainly no shortage of potential candidates, so finding the high quality candidates can be difficult. Sourcing is an ongoing challenge, so having the confidence that someone can satisfy your staffing needs more long term is a crucial determining factor. On the flip side, those seeking a new career are finding the job market increasingly competitive and finding difficulties in getting hired.  Having a team with a consultative eye to match both the person and the company effectively is becoming ever more important.

Here at Cute, we really pride ourselves on providing a thorough, end-to-end recruitment service where we truly get to know you. So for this reason, we’d like to tell you about our recruitment strategies; check out the infographic below to learn more and read about our six steps to sourcing success!

Doing it Differently, Doing it Better


The Steps To Success

Briefing: We take a thorough brief from an interesting/exciting business

Whether it’s a marketing, technical, sales or executive position, we only work with the best businesses, to provide interesting jobs for interesting people. By doing this, the candidates we deliver are already passionate about the exciting opportunity your business has on offer.

Learning: We become experts in your business

Whatever your industry or specialism, we put in the hours to really become immersed in all that your business is about. For us, it’s entirely essential to understand the business so that we are able to tailor our search and selection process, ensuring that the candidates we deliver are passionate about your business.

Searching: We search our extensive database + conduct a thorough online search

Through our many years of experience, we’ve built a talent for sourcing interesting people through a variety of techniques. Whether this be via long term relationships we have built with candidates in the past, or sourcing externally, we always provide experienced and talented individuals. We source externally via the usual methods, but also regularly turn to social media to find people who have a real passion for their profession.

Selecting: We deliver the very best candidates who properly fit both the job spec and the business culture

Through learning all we can about both the opportunity and the business itself, we’re qualified to select and deliver only the most capable candidates, who have the skill and experience you need to take your business further. Not only do we select based on skill and experience, a key element of our selection process is to make sure that they understand and are excited about your company culture.

Preparing: We nurture candidates for each stage of the interview process, helping them to be the best candidate they can be

Providing great people for great businesses can only be done by really getting to know the candidate too. We work by developing a close relationship to make sure we are able to ease the right person through the interview process, making sure they present the best of themselves and are well prepared.

Building: We build long term relationships with candidates and clients alike

The process doesn’t simply end once we’ve successfully filled a vacancy. It’s all about building a fruitful, long-term relationship with everyone involved. For the candidate, we enjoy checking in, seeing how they’re enjoying the role and making sure they’re eased into the first few weeks. For the business, we’re all about the long-term too, and hope that the excellent service we provided means we’re considered for any future staffing needs.

We hoped you enjoyed learning more about the Cute way. If you’re a interesting/exciting business with staffing needs, looking for a unique approach to recruitment solutions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, all the details below. Get to know our team of expert consultants too!

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