How to have an amazing first day in your new job

After all that time spent working on your CV, a lengthy application and interview process, you’ve done it. Landing yourself a new job can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time, and the first day of a new job really is a culmination of those two emotions. With proper preparation, it’s easy to have a great first day. Our expert recruiters have shared their best advice for having an amazing first day on your new job.

1. Before you leave

First and foremost, the absolute 101 of your first day on the new job… get a good nights sleep! Once you’ve ticked that off the preparation list, get yourself a decent breakfast, a hit of caffeine and leave plenty of time to get to your new job! You don’t want to have to get a sweat on running late for your first day.


2. Look the part

Contrary to the chosen gif, it’s not always 100% appropriate to start your first day suited up. If you’re unsure what the dress code is for your new job, give HR or your new manager a call/email to find out for sure. If it’s time to ‘suit up’ make sure you look the part!


3. Who are you?

You’re going to meet a lot of new people on your first day, and whilst it’s important to find out who they are and their role, it’s as important to have a good elevator pitch so they know who you are! In 20-30 seconds, you should be able to give an interesting summary of where you’ve come from, what you’ll be up to and who you’ll be working with. The better your elevator pitch, the more likely people will be to remember you over the coming months.


4. Show an interest

You’re going to come across an abundance of people who you may never work directly with, but the most crucial conversational skill is the ability to listen. With everyone you meet, you should be asking at least one question to find out a little bit more about them other than just their name and job title. Show a genuine interest in everyone you meet and they’ll reciprocate that attitude toward you.

5. What to expect

Don’t set high expectations about all the great things you want to achieve in your first week, let alone your first day. You’ll more than likely spend the time familiarising yourself with the work environment, getting some training and meeting your team. So set your expectations low and whatever happens will be a pleasant surprise rather than a disappointment!

6. Don’t be a gossip

The last thing you want to on your first day is make enemies, and there a few more likely methods to achieve this than being a gossip. It’s your first day, so openly chatting about other people in the office is a slippery slope to go down. If you’re uncomfortable in a conversation with a group of colleagues, make an excuse to leave before you get dragged into a gossip fest about people you haven’t had the opportunity to meet yet!


7. Say ‘yes’

It’s crucial to make a great first impression on your first day, and what better way to do this than to meet new people at meetings, go for coffee with a new colleague or go for after work drinks. Any opportunity you get the meet somebody who doesn’t work directly within your remit will be great to start building your network.


We hope these tips can help you have an amazing first day at your new job!

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