How to beat the summer slowdown

Young businessman relaxing at his desk in the middle of a green

It’s the warmer summer months, clients and candidates alike are all off on their holidays, and so getting anything productive done is a challenge. On top of this, managers tend to postpone projects and work until after the holiday season ends. Despite these challenges, this shouldn’t be seen as a time to slow down at work, or in your job search; the opportunities are still out there. To make the most out the time that notorious in the year for being a slower time in business, have a read of our suggestions.

1. Make it your own summer school

Once you’ve left formal education, it can be a real challenge to find both the motivation and the time to pick up new skills. But with so many people taking a break from their desks, people often find their workload decreases as a result; this potentially frees up time to learn something new. You could be¬†interested in design and want to pick up creative software skills, learn from some books on personal development or even try your hand at blogging. Whatever it is, pick one thing to focus on and use the summer slowdown time to build your repertoire of skills.

2. Update your digital calling cards

If you’re on the job hunt, or just generally looking to enhance your online presence, you can use the time to work on your social media profiles. Go to your LinkedIn page, and update your skills, get some endorsements even ask friends, colleagues and clients to leave you a recommendation. For Facebook & Twitter, if you want to use these to any kind of professional gain, make your sure bio is loaded with relevant keywords and the content you put out engages your niche; whatever that may be. Want more tips to improve your LinkedIn profile, click here to read our tips.

3. Establish your goals

In all walks of life, those who are successful have set themselves goals. Without one, or more, it can be difficult to remain motivated or keep a long term vision. On top of this, goal setting helps to give you purpose and organise your time effectively to get as much value as possible. The summer slowdown can often leave people with more time to consider exactly what it is they want to do. Now is the perfect time to take a step back, reevaluate and set some SMART career goals.

4. Get a change of scenery

Now, this point may seem counter intuitive inside a post about utilising the time others are on holiday, but it can be a really valuable activity to get out of the office. If you have the luxury of working remotely, take advantage of it. Get out the office, work in the garden, anything it takes to give you a little boost of inspiration. If this isn’t a possibility, then follow suit like the rest of the business world and take some time off, get a well needed break, and if you’re truly dreading returning to the office, maybe it’s time for a change. Alternatively, a change in scenery could boost creativity, and help you come up with new idea or new goals when you’re outside the confines of the office.

5. Have a catch up

During the busiest times of the year, it’s easy to lose contact with clients, with old colleagues or even friends! The summer slowdown is a great time to touch base with people who could help inspire you in your day-to-day job, help you build your network, or even introduce you to new career opportunities. So send a LinkedIn message, have a catch up quick call and take full advantage of the summer slowdown to reconnect with contacts in your network.