How to get noticed by recruiters on LinkedIn

After spending hours upon hours on job boards, it can be a nice change of pace when the jobs come to you instead. Most recruiters use LinkedIn as one of the most important tools of their trade. As such, they’re always on the lookout for talent on the platform.

Most professionals only take the time to update their profile and be active on LinkedIn when looking for a job. But you could be missing out on some amazing opportunities. The best jobs are often those that come to you, and the best way to do that is to make good use of LinkedIn. Having a below par profile could be hindering your chances of securing an exciting new job.

To put yourself in a great position to be contacted by recruiters and hiring managers, optimise your profile by doing the following…

Use keywords

Having an understanding of how LinkedIn SEO works will give you a huge advantage when it comes to being found by recruiters. The typical method recruiters use to find candidates for a role is what’s called a Boolean search. It looks a little something like this…

  • (“Financial Accountant”) AND (CGA) AND (“Financial Reporting”)

What that means for you is that your profile should include relevant keywords to your industry wherever you can. In your headline, your summary and in job descriptions. To find appropriate keywords, search through job descriptions of roles you’re interested in and use the key terms in your profile. You can also check out the profiles of people who appear in searches for these keywords. More often than not the people who appear at the top of search results will have keyword optimised profiles, which you can take inspiration from.

Create a great headline

The reason your headline is so important is because it’s the first thing a recruiter sees before even clicking on your profile. You need to make good use of your headline to communicate who you are and even what you’re looking for. A well-written headline with the right keywords will ensure people actually click onto your profile to see more.

Entice clicks to your profile

When a recruiter is on the search for candidates, one of the first things that are seen is the profile picture. Before they’ve had a chance to review the text and content, your profile picture is seen first. It’s absolutely crucial that you have a professional looking photo. Try not to use a photo that is low resolution, poorly cropped or unprofessional looking.

Keep it active and up to date

Once recruiters have found your profile and invited you to connect, that’s not quite the end game. It’s useful to stay active on LinkedIn, engaging with and posting relevant content where appropriate. A recruiter will often connect with dozens of people a day. Stay at the front of their minds by appearing in the news feed as often as you can without being spammy. If you’ve recently moved jobs or completed another qualification, let it be known!


LinkedIn is an amazing tool for getting the best opportunities to come to you. But it won’t happen unless you put the time in the optimise your profile. So in summary, entice clicks to your profile with a great photo and appropriate keywords, stay active and craft a great headline.