Ever thought about getting into Recruitment?

updated-banner-jointheteamThinking of getting into Recruitment ? Read our new blog from Divisional Lead Kate Groves, discussing her route into working for Cute…

When I first heard about Recruitment, I didn’t really know what it was. I remember looking for a job, going into a high-street agency in Bristol after setting up an appointment, and going through their registration process.  When I left the recruitment consultant, I rang my dad and said I didn’t really think any of the jobs suggested were right for me, but that I could do her job!

I’ve had a varied Administrative background, having had some experience in a Financial Services business and also within Events, but always knew this wasn’t what I wanted to do long-term. I was very good at interviewing and meeting new people, as I am a confident person who has grown up with a very sociable family and the ability to talk to people either my age, younger kids or my parent’s best friends – conversation is very natural to me. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for in terms of my career, but college had really given me an insight into things I was good at and communication, understanding and reading people was definitely one of them…

When I decided that I wasn’t getting everything I needed from my current job, I started looking on various job sites for ideas of what to do next – like most people, I did apply to roles on the basis that they had ridiculously high salaries and I thought I could potentially do them, even though I didn’t have any relevant experience – a pet hate for all recruiters which I now know! However, I do remember coming across an advert for Cute Resource Solutions which just ticked all of the boxes.

It asked for a confident, sociable individual with strong organisational skills, people skills and the ability to work to targets/work towards goals… I was hooked. I got in touch with Lydia, and we met face to face a number of times before I was offered the position of trainee Recruitment Consultant– I have now been here for 4 ½ years!

The reason Recruitment appealed to me so much is because of the opportunity to do something new, with no or little experience, but receive full training. Obviously Lydia saw something in my character which meant she felt I could do the job, but you really don’t need a sales background to be able to be successful in this role – just the ability to communicate well, organise your own day, be ambitious enough to work to targets and understand why they are set, and to want to achieve the personal and business targets. It sounds crude, but if you aren’t driven by the ability to be successful and earn money, whatever the reason is, then you won’t want to stick out the off days. I soon realised that this was a demanding and fast-paced role, very different to what I had been used to, but success came quickly due to my determination and my want to learn and want to challenge myself – and by my 3rd month I had made 6 placements and taken home a nice pay packet with an extra £1,200 in commission!

Recruitment is a hard concept to get your head around initially, there are so many elements to the role and everyone has different ways of approaching it – luckily for me, I had an administrative background so was able to pick up the organisational side of the business quickly (formatting CV’s, writing adverts, sending emails, writing supporting information for candidates etc.) but I was also very good at building rapport with candidates, listening to what it is that they needed from their new career, and then matching them to relevant roles on that basis. Lydia quickly recognised that I was receiving call backs from candidates, I was able to gain their trust and they would tell me what else was going on (other interviews, what would really make them take my job, drivers etc.) that they may not tell someone who spent 5 minutes with them and then sent them loads of irrelevant jobs. This meant I was able to take on my own client accounts, and I am now very happy to say I have worked my way up through various job titles, pay rises and commission pay-outs to Divisional Lead here at Cute.

Recruitment isn’t for people who are quick to quit – working in permanent recruitment means you need to be able to build rapport and long-term relationships, look out for ‘warning signs’ and understand what your candidates drivers and personal motivators are.

It also requires a huge amount of research as we work across a range of sectors and as when a PHP Developer job spec lands on your desk and you didn’t even know that job existed – you have to quickly build your knowledge! You need to be able to use your initiative to do your own reading/research and obviously ask questions along the way….

If you are competitive, money motivated and are prepared to work hard to progress quickly then recruitment will offer you are career that you will enjoy. Its hard work, the hours can be long and it can be frustrating at times, but nothing beats the thrill of placing a candidate in a job they wanted, the client is happy they have secured their services and you can walk away with a hefty commission in your pocket!

You need to make sure you pick the right recruitment agency and environment – not all recruitment companies conduct themselves in the same way, but what drew me to Cute was that it’s an independently owned business – Lydia is such a fantastic mentor, and the team are really close. We work in an office where there is so much opportunity, you can progress quickly and you really can manage what you earn by putting the graft in. There is of course a fantastic social side, and being based in Clifton Village we have the pick of the pubs!

If you want to find out any more about recruitment, or want to discuss opportunities at Cute, please do contact myself or my MD Lydia to discuss directly, we’re always happy to have a conversation, but hopefully – if you are a trainee contender and are not sure if you have what it takes, I have given you some insight into what you need to be able to be successful.