Communication is Key

With over 30 years combined experience in recruitment we understand the value of good communication. Most articles concentrate on the communication between recruiter and job seeker, which undeniably plays an extremely important part in the hiring process. However client side communication is just as important and often forgotten about, due to a degree of the communication being out of the recruiter’s control.

Picture this: A recruiter finds the ideal professional for a job position, keeps them informed and engaged throughout the whole process from screening to interview and everything is looking positive. The client is enthusiastic about that person and don’t have a bad word to say, but then everything goes silent. It may be that the interviewer is extremely busy and haven’t had time to talk to other hiring managers involved in the process or maybe it is that they are only in the office a couple of days a week so they wait until they are next in to offer or decline, keeping the candidate waiting.

At this point the candidate starts to get disheartened from the long anticipation of an offer or decline and decide to start looking for other opportunities. Unfortunately before you know it, they’ve been offered a job somewhere else, they’ve built a bad impression on that company and the client loses the person that they wanted – disappointing for everyone all round.

It is a frustrating situation but unfortunately it happens more than it should. We fully understand that clients have a lot to achieve in the short working weeks and can’t spend all their time searching for the next best talent (hence why recruiters exist), but more often than not this IS an avoidable situation. In a modern age full of communication tools such as email, IM, Voicemail, call directory etc. there is no real reason why everyone should not be kept in the loop.

When it comes to the long and short of it, employment is a very competitive market for both job seeker and employer so why let your competitors have any chance of snapping up the top employees before you do.

We have a great track record of successfully engaged candidates and clients down to good all round feedback and communication on everyone’s part; candidate, recruiter and client. A simple change in communication can minimise the risk of losing new talent to competitors.

Keep in mind that employers, recruiters and job seekers ultimately benefit when application correspondence and communication is conducted in a consistent, professional and legitimate manner. The recruitment process is all about adding value not time.

If your recruitment process isn’t delivering get in touch with us to find out about solutions that we can offer you.

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