Common job hunting mistakes and how to avoid them

With an average of around 30 applications per job opening, it’s absolutely crucial that you make every effort possible to stand out from the crowd. This can be done by having a great CV as well as avoiding these common job hunting mistakes!

1) Lack of Career Focus/Goals

Without at least having an idea of what it is you want to be doing a few years down the line, not only will conducting a decent job search be difficult, but convincing an interviewer you’re the right person for the job will be really challenging. If you’re unsure where your career is taking you, you may well be stuck in a rut. If you think that’s the case, check out this post to learn how to achieve more career focus.


Just graduated and not sure what’s next? Check out this post

2) Inadequate CV

Considering the amount of time and effort that goes into submitting a good job application, its understandable to want to rush and re-use your CV. Before you do that, consider this, recruiters and hiring managers on average only take 5 seconds to decide whether or not to continue reading the rest of your CV. You have to make yours pop and entice people to read on. If you need more tips and advice to writing a great CV, click here to read the post from our blog.


The opposite reaction you want from a recruiter reading your CV

 3) Lack of online presence

If you’re lucky enough that a hiring manager or recruiter has taken the time to read your CV, what they’ll do next, is a search of your name online. Usually, the main purpose of this is to confirm anything you’ve claimed in your CV. For example, if you’ve said you worked 4 years at a company but only worked 2, this information can be found on LinkedIn.

Furthermore, whilst it’s important to remain relatively professional on your personal social media profiles, it’s even more important to not just block public access to your profiles; you don’t want potential employers thinking you have something to hide so a complete lack of social media presence is often a negative.


You can’t disappear from social media when applying for jobs!

4) Forgetting to do your research

You can learn all you need to about your potential next employer in no more than 20 minutes; there’s no excuse to apply without doing so. It’s important for recruiters & hiring managers to understand why you’re interested in them, and not just why they should be interested in you. Just by reading up on the company’s website, you should learn a little bit about the history of the business, the mission statement or company goals and the primary business activities.

5) Forgetting about your elevator pitch

You should be able to explain everything an employer needs to know in 60 seconds. You need to be able to communicate who you are, why you’ve applied for the job and how you can deliver value to the business. A good elevator pitch demonstrates that you’re clear on what you want, motivated and able to communicate clearly and concisely. This post from Forbes gives some great advice on how to prepare a great elevator pitch.


You might want more than 2 words in your elevator pitch!

6) Dealing with Rejection

You’re not going to hear back about every job. You might not even get the one that was top of the list. But you can’t be disheartened by this. Rejection is simply a part of the job search that everyone experiences. That being said, being thorough, and following the tips above should help to at least minimise this, and help land that job or dream career you’re after.


Take the advice, and you could have your own ‘Will Smith Pursuit of Happyness’ moment

7) Get some help!

A common job hunting mistake is to only apply for direct job openings. Submitting speculative applications is one way around this, or alternatively, you can get in touch with one of the expert recruitment consultants here at Cute! If you’re ready for a career change, send us an updated CV and we’ll see how we can help!