Classroom to cloud: Business benefits of e-learning

In a recent report published on learning management software, experts have forecast huge growth for the e-learning industry between 2016-2020. The disruptive nature of the industry has led to its rapid rise in becoming omnipresent in business training. Fortunately for providers in the industry, the speed at which tech and the internet have developed have allowed most, if not all types of business access to e-learning technology.


With the explosion of cloud and SaaS technologies, e-learning software is now available for most businesses to reap the benefits. What exactly has caused the explosion in popularity of e-learning solutions, what are some of the key industry trends for 2016 and how are some big name brands making full use of the technology. We’ve explored these questions in this post.


Saving Cash

Previously limited by a lack of infrastructure, these days most businesses now have the same access to high quality e-learning solutions. In the past, workplace learning meant a number of expensive things for businesses; time away from the desk, hiring somebody to conduct the training and often a need for business travel. E-learning solutions have allowed business to bring the education to their employees, at a low cost and in a flexible and convenient manner.


Making it Fun

If you think about workplace learning prior to the explosion of e-learning solutions, you might conjure up images of flip charts in big meeting rooms with an audience of disengaged employees; something like the constant ‘training’ employees on sitcom ‘The Office’ were subjected to!


But modern learning management systems allow business not only to be flexible in delivery of the education, but also complete adaptability in the style of which they do so. Where in the past businesses were limited to PowerPoint slides, handbooks and group training exercises, now, the possibilities of how the education is delivered can quite literally be endless. Below, we’ve found some examples of big name businesses who are utilising e-learning flexibility to its full potential.


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Lloyds Banking Telephone Training

Leading UK bank Lloyds made use of e-learning systems to save £250k in training costs and recoup £1.2m in productivity gains through implementing e-learning training for new starters. The programme guided new employees through scripted encounters with customers and took them on a journey of learning through simulations of the banks systems for precise training.



Virgin Atlantic Flight Safety Film

Flight safety is a serious matter, so Virgin needed their training to be as engaging and interesting as possible so that employees know what to in an emergency. They created a short, interactive film using well-known movie genres to engage the audience. The element of fun and interactivity ensured employees are sufficiently trained, but also saves costs in the long run, and ensures a consistent approach to training for new starters.



What’s the future of e-learning?

Because of the innovative nature of the field, there’s always something new and fresh about the happen to e-learning. These are the top two e-learning trends for 2016 as predicted by



One of the biggest challenges with workplace learning is that employees are less engaged because it’s not fun. With the growth in gamification though, this challenge could soon be gone. By adding fun to the learning, knowledge retention increases and so the training becomes more valuable. Click here for some of the best examples of gamification in e-learning.


Wearable Tech

Imagine being able to walk into a virtual training environment to experience exactly what the jobs like in real life. This could soon be a reality with the integration of VR with e-learning. Businesses could provide almost life like simulations of the work in a dynamic accessible way that ensures consistent training. Other wearable tech such as Google Glass and Apple watch will provide more flexibility in how e-learning training can be delivered.



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