#Budget2016 – Feeds to Follow

It’s a big day for business and politics; at around 12:30pm today, George Osborne will announce the 2016 budget to MPs. With around 4bn in spending cuts to be announced, plus investment in UK infrastructure, there going to be plenty of important news stories breaking all day. The effects on business and employment could be significant as various taxes and business rates are discussed as part of the “Business Tax Roadmap” which you’ll certainly hear more about over the coming 24 hours. The official details on today’s events are available here. 

With such a multitude of opinions and thoughts on the news today, we thought it would be mighty helpful to collate some of the most popular news feeds for you to follow so you can keep on top of all of the incoming news as it breaks live. So, here’s the definitive list!

BBC Budget 2016 Live

With key points, live text and video, the BBC feed is definitely one of the most conclusive news feeds today, covering all of the updates as they come in live and keeping you informed of how the Budget could affect you or your business over the coming year.


Financial Times Budget 2016 

For the in-depth lowdown on how the Budget announcements will impact financial markets and the economy, follow FT’s live feed.  


The Telegraph 

Although this isn’t strictly a live feed, this article from the Telegraph picks out the key points to look out for in todays announcement. This post also has some great videos, one giving an overview of what the budget means for business and the economy, and another giving some expert insight into the story from Telegraph writers.   


Buzzfeed UK Politics

For a bit of a lighter angle on today’s big Budget news, follow @BuzzfeedUKPolitics. So if you’re interested and would like a high level overview without going into the daunting details, this is the account to follow today.

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