6 signs its time to quit your job

Life is short; so what’s the point in spending most of your time in a job, office or team you simply don’t like? We’ve all had bad days at the office, but when they seem to pile up and the good days rarely occur, maybe it’s time to reflect on your situation and reassess.

If you’re feeling unfulfilled, overly comfortable or simply not appreciated for your efforts, it’s definitely safe to say that something has to change.

But just up and leaving isn’t a sensible idea if you haven’t first considered what it is that is making you unhappy. In some situations, changing some of your responsibilities or discussing your day-to-day difficulties with your boss can do a lot to fix a bad situation. However, if you’re finding every day a battle, or you’re noticing any of the signs in this post, it’s time to start thinking about your next move!


You’re always bored

If this is you, it could mean a few things. Either, you’re over-qualified for your current list of responsibilities or you simply don’t enjoy the role. Feeling like the work is beneath your capabilities can be really disheartening, especially if it happens all the time. In this situation, it’s a good idea to speak your boss and share your troubles with them as they may be able to alter your day-to-day responsibilities and give you something a little more challenging. However, if you’ve had this discussion but still feel bored, it’s a good sign that you should be doing bigger and better things.


You’re not learning anything new

Life-long learning and constant development are what we all should be aiming for. Education and development don’t stop after university; we have many many years left to develop our brains! It’s important to remember that your job is more than a one-way system where you do all the giving. In a job where you don’t take anything valuable away, it’s not a healthy relationship between yourself and the company. It’s easy to get comfortable and do the same thing every day, but you won’t be growing as a professional and when it comes to promotion and pay rise discussions, your name won’t be considered if you haven’t developed.


You don’t feel important

We all like to believe that we are contributing our skills to a greater goal, but constantly doing remedial tasks and never being asked your opinion on the bigger issues is a sign that it could be time to change. Even if we’re not at the top of the corporate hierarchy, we all have the right to feel valued and feel that our seniors care about our opinion. If you rarely get the opportunity to share with your boss or the wider team, that’s a pretty safe bet that it could be time to quit.


You’re often contacted by recruiters

We get it, of course, contact from recruiters can be annoying. But consider this, if you’re often receiving LinkedIn messages and emails about ‘opportunities that match your experience’ this is a pretty good sign that either a) you’re a talented professional wanted elsewhere or b) your industry is thriving and there are plenty of opportunities around. If this is the case, this could, more importantly, mean that you could be ready for a step up, both in pay and in responsibility.


You’re stressed about money

Most of us worry about money, unfortunately, it’s a symptom of the time we live in. Often, we can end up feeling underpaid where we didn’t negotiate on the contract offer, or you’ve been unlucky during the yearly pay review. But if you’re worried about money all the time, even though you budget well, this could be a sign that you’re not earning what you’re worth.

A typical situation that often occurs is that we feel guilty asking for more money because our employer makes us feel like they’re doing us a favor by paying us at all; in reality, it’s the other way around. If you’ve been at with your employer for a while, always complete objectives and generally do well day-to-day, you’re well within your rights to make a case for a reasonable pay rise. If you’ve had this discussion but your boss doesn’t agree, maybe it’s time to look elsewhere.


You notice an exodus

Been to one too many leaving drinks? Written a message in one too many ‘good luck’ cards? There are of course legitimate reasons why people may leave the business from time to time, but if you notice unusual patterns of colleagues moving onto greener pastures, you should at least consider why. You definitely shouldn’t just up and leave because other people do, but you should find out why and if there’s a familiar reason, maybe it is time for you to join them!


Even if you don’t necessarily feel unhappy in your job, you should make it a mission to regularly reassess your career options. There is always opportunity elsewhere, at another company, in an entirely different field. You owe it yourself to spend those 40 hours a week doing something you love, at a company you love too!

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