10 TED Talks to change how you think about careers

Sometimes, the conventional careers advice doesn’t quite cut it. When you’re lacking motivation and in need of inspiration on your job search, a TED talk could be exactly what you need to see. With insightful talks from psychology, human resources and business experts, these TED talks will change how you think about your career; and maybe even inspire you to try something completely new.

The process of finding a job can be exhausting. And often, the last thing we want to be doing is reading articles on how best to optimise our job search. This is your opportunity for a little bit of positive procrastination.


Why you will fail to have a great career.

A funny look at the variety of terrible excuses we make to not pursue our passions!

How to find and do work you love

Stats suggest that 80% of adults hate the work that they do. In this day and age of opportunity Scott Dinsmore asks why we do this and offers practical advice for finding something you don’t hate!

Keep your goals to yourself

When we go after a new job or a new career, we can have a tendency to tell everyone we know about it! Derek Sivers gives a pretty convincing argument on why we should keep our goals to ourselves.

What I learned from 100 days of rejection

Unfortunately, rejection is just an unavoidable part of the job search process. But a fear of rejection can hold us back to applying for something we really want. In this interesting talk, find out how seeking out rejection can teach us to cope with it more effectively and learn from it.

How to speak so that people want to listen

Learn Julian’s effective, intuitive technique for creating engaging discussions with anyone. Especially useful for making great impressions during interviews!

The career advice you probably didn’t get

Whilst this is predominantly targeted at women, Susan Colantuono has universal takeaways for getting further in your career.

A kinder, gentler philosophy of success

In the age where we’re pressured to compare ourselves to others, it can sometimes get us down seeing other’s career achievements. Alain De Botton looks at the reasons we feel anxious about our careers and why these cause us to misunderstand success.

The happy secret to better work

Everyday there seems to be a new ‘productivity hack’. But Shawn Anchor argues that the only way to be truly productive is to be happy in your job.

The power of time off

Maybe not thinking about work at all is the way forward. If you’re feeling stifled creatively, Stefan suggests that some time off could do you a world of good.

8 secrets of success

A short and sweet look into how to find success. It’s not as hard as you might think.