10 places to learn in demand skills online

Learn something new every single day with these resources


Gone are the days where you needed to attend a night class, pay expensive fees or take on extra training at work to pick up new skills and develop existing ones. With the absolute wealth of MOOCs (massive open online course) and this new open learning culture, just about anyone can pick up any skill. The only thing that’s remained the same, is that you still need that same drive and motivation to actually study the course.

This new culture of open learning has opened up an array of opportunities to develop anything from technical skills to soft interpersonal skills like leadership and project management. You’re now able to identify the most in-demand skills in your profession, then go away and find free resources to learn those skills. Not only will it enhance your earning potential and understanding of your field, but taking the time to challenge yourself in this way proves to your boss your capable of professional development and show a willingness to do in in your own time.

So let’s get onto the list, for everything from coding skills to management to design, these are the best places to learn something new.


Let’s start with the absolute pinnacle of online learning. Lynda has a community of over 4 million learners, making it the most popular place online to pick up new skills. And as you can see from their website menu, there is an almost never-ending list of things to learn. However, quality doesn’t come for free; but it is reasonable. For around £14 a month, you have access to the full library and can even download the documents to take your courses on the move.


As the same suggests, you’ll be heading to this site to pick up, or develop technical skills. But what’s great about this site, is almost anybody can learn using their methods. In their blog and on Medium, you’ll discover countless stories of people who completely changed career and x2 or x3 their earning potential by learning development languages.


Endorsed by notable brands like Amazon, Google & IBM, Udacity offers tailor made nano degrees for those looking into technical specialisms. But they don’t stop at technical skills. For example, if you;ve always wanted to launch a business on the side but never really knew where to start, their lean launchpad course is a great way to get going.


Edx, like Lynda, offer an excellent range of online courses, covering everything from Health & Safety, to History, Law and more. Edx help to connect learners to some of the world’s top educational institutions, which enable users to gain accredited certificates.


You’ve probably heard of TED talks before, but did you know they’ve taken the time to categorise these talks into various subject matters? They have, and the site is excellent. For an expert insight into most fields of study, head to TEDed to learn something new.

Khan Academy

Interested in building or developing your career in finance? If you never had the opportunity to study finance and economics in your formal education, you can pick up industry recognized education on this world renowned site. They have since expanded their library to include Maths, Science and computing courses too. And the best bit, its FREE, forever.


Like Edx and Lynda, you can learn industry experts and gain a certificate from a recognized institution. Coursera has a great section on personal development where you can learn about management, leadership, career development as well as business skills such as negotiation and sales.


Straying a little bit from the theme here, but let’s not forget the value of languages in the modern workplace. You can almost guarantee to up your income and career potential if you can fluently converse in another language. An excellent place to get started is the free for life, Duolingo app.

Hubspot Academy 

For the sales and marketing professionals out there, HubSpot academy is the place to be for up to date, industry recognized training by one of the business leaders in the marketing world. Their Inbound marketing specialism is widely understood as one of the best places to learn modern marketing methodologies, but most importantly, practical advice on how to apply this knowledge.


There’s absolutely no reason you can’t learn a new skill (or at least make a start) every single day. Taking the time to put in that hustle and develop your skills portfolio will undoibtedly benefit your career potential, as well as leaving you with that satisfying feeling of accomplishment as you become a specilaist in your field.