Aaron Latta - Recruitment Consultant

A little bit about Aaron

Aaron has been with Cute Resource for a year, during which he followed our full induction, training and Cute Personal Development programme, graduating from the scheme in 2015. With a background in County level sports and university studies in Sports Science, Aaron brings a competitive, enthusiastic and driven quality to his work as reflected in his approach to working with his Clients and Candidates. Find out more about Aaron in the brief interview below. 

What do you enjoy the most about being a recruiter for Cute?

For me, I most enjoy working with genuinely lovely clients and taking pride in helping them grow their businesses. On the other side of recruitment, I enjoy helping and advising candidates on their careers. In what is ultimately one of the most important decisions somebody can make, I enjoy helping people find new jobs they love, or helping them take the next step up in their careers. 

Whats been your biggest success to date? 

There’s been a few I believe but my top 3 would have to be…

  • Helping place niche sales roles within a large FMCG client and watching that business grow tenfold
  • Developing new business opportunities who with time turn into key accounts. Clients ranging from Medium size enterprise right the way to big blue chips. I both enjoy, and have had success in speaking with people about how Cute can assist with recruitment challenges
  • Being a recruiter for Cute is my first role in recruitment. I’ve quickly learned what it takes to be successful, and I enjoy being an important part of the great team here.

How would you describe the working environment? 

Creative, Flexible and entrepreneurial. We effectively run our own business, have to manage our own diary/work load because we’re not micro managed at all. It’s great, but we are responsible for hitting our targets and servicing our clients needs so it’s important that we’re self-motivated and hard working. 

Whats one skill/trait you bring to your role as a recruiter? 

I’d say I’m opportunistic and very conscientious. I’m always exploring new business opportunities with prospects/current accounts, as well as with candidates.  I take great pride in genuinely offering a great level of customer service, to not only satisfy my client’s needs, but my candidates.

Name one skill you’ve learned during your time Cute and how does help you as a recruiter?

One skill that I’ve learned is absolutely crucial to be a successful recruiter, is to have patience. On some occasions, it takes longer to find the perfect candidate than others. But I believe it to be really important to have that patience, because it’s always better to find the perfect candidate/client match, rather than place somebody into the business who isn’t truly passionate for the role and the business.

With so many recruitment agencies out there, what was it about Cute that stood out from the crowd? 

The camaraderie. Although recruitment is a competitive environment, we are all friends and always celebrate each others success. The team spirit is really important in recruitment because we all share in each others successes so are more than happy to help each other out. 

Aaron specialises in the following: Sales, Data and Technical roles at all levels

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